How to Prioritize and Protect against Relevant Threats: Context is the Key


Mike Jawetz, Sr. Solutions Architect, FireEye

Ryan Fortress, Security Engineer, ThreatConnect


You don’t have enough context about your threat data, making it difficult to decide where to focus your efforts. What you need are reports that contain a large amount of valuable information about a possible threat, right? Probably not. The problem with that is most cybersecurity tools simply scrape the indicators from this information. If you are only able to see the indicators, you lose all of the valuable context that these threat intelligence reports provide.

In order to truly harness this valuable context, you need a cybersecurity platform to automatically associate all of the data from the intelligence, store the reports as documents, and operationalize the intelligence by sending it to other parts of the security infrastructure.


Attend this webinar to learn:

-  How threat intelligence reports can provide valuable context

-  How analysis can be conducted to observe and validate the intelligence

-  How this intelligence can make your current cybersecurity tools smarter including your endpoint protection, SIEM, firewall, network intrusion detection systems and more

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