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Changing the Way Security Works


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ThreatConnect is on a mission to change the way security works and solve the problems you are confronting every day in your security program.

You may have known us as a Threat Intelligence Platform but we are far more than that now. We invite you to get to know the new ThreatConnect and to chart your future to better security outcomes.

ThreatConnect now unites Cyber Risk Quantification, Threat Intelligence Platform and Security Orchestration, Automation and Response capabilities – helping you identify the risks that matter most, manage changes across your expanding threat landscape, and orchestrate and automate response to continually drive risk out of the organization.

Join us on December 2nd from 1-2pm EDT where we will:

• Explore how our Risk Quantifier solution exposes the risks that matter most by quantifying them in financial terms – aligning the business and security to a common, shared vision

• Discuss how this north star understanding helps filter signal from the noise of daily alerts, keeping the team focused on remediation and response to the issues that matter most

• Contrast our approach to other solutions you may have experienced in market by looking at how the marriage of threat intelligence, vulnerability management, operations and response data takes Cyber Risk Quantification from theoretical to the operational

• See how by combining CRQ, TIP and SOAR capabilities, ThreatConnect unifies the actions of the security team around the most critical risks, supports their response with streamlined and automated workflows and strengthens the entire security ecosystem through powerful technology integrations



Jerry Caponera Headshot B&W

Jerry Caponera
VP, Cyber Risk Strategy



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Steve Ward
VP, Marketing