Fusing Intelligence and Operations

with Security Orchestration

Live Webinar

September 14th - 1:00 PM ET

Fusing Intelligence and Operations with Security Orchestration

The cybersecurity landscape moves at an incredibly fast pace. Analysts make decisions every day that impact the security of the entire organization: Where should I look next? What should I do about this alert? Is this even dangerous? The better armed a security team is with additional information, context, and situational awareness, the more informed their decision-making will be. Generally, the faster you are at making these decisions and taking action against a threat, the less likely you are to be breached.

So how can security teams make smarter decisions and act faster?

By combining threat intelligence (TI), analytics, and orchestration in one place security teams are able to quickly add context and gain insight to speed-up decision making, prioritize critical events, and automatically adjust security controls to prevent attacks.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • How to make orchestration more effective, resilient, and adaptive
  • How to enable intelligence-driven security operations
  • How to be proactive in mitigating threats to your organization

Featured Speakers:  


Andy Pendergast  
Vice President of Product 


Jon Oltsik
Senior Principal Analyst
Enterprise Strategy Group


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